Working with People with Disabilities

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Author: Richard Pimentel 
(Softcover, Spiral Bound - approx. 70 Pages)

This is an excellent new guide written by Richard Pimentel. For people who are charged with developing/creating work opportunities for people with disabilities, it offers a practical and innovative approach for:

  • Anticipating the real or imagined problems that a job seeker with a disability might face in her or her job search.
  • Developing a strategy for removing or solving the real barriers and clarifying and overcoming the perceived barriers.
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      For over two decades, Richard Pimentel has arguably been North America's most prominent spokesperson for the employment of people with disabilities. Author of the highly-acclaimed WINDMILLS attitudinal training program, Richard has packed much of his genius into the pages of this book.

      Are you new to the job of working with people with disabilities in the Employment and Training arena? would you like a book that will quickly teach you the basics? Helpful insights? Creative strategies? Useful perspectives? you will glean all this and more from Richard Pimentel's new book!

      Use Working with People with Disabilities to learn how to effectively communicate with people with disabilities and be ADEPT....

      Anticipate barriers, problems and employer concerns.

      Develop solutions and strategies.

      Educate participants to effectively present themselves to the employer.

      Prepare the employer to effectively work with people with disabilities.

      Transition the job seeker into a successful employee through retention strategies.