The Wholehearted Journey: Bringing Qualities of Soul To Everyday Life and Work

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Author: Denise Bissonnette
Published by Diversity World, 2002
(Soft Cover, 382 pages)

The Wholehearted Journey is a book of insights gleaned and distilled from a remarkably eclectic array of sources, drawing from the world's great wisdom traditions and culminating in a rich and illuminating guide for living a spirited and wholehearted life.

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Simply put, this is a personal retreat in a book. Each chapter focuses on a particular quality of soulful living and offers a self-contained tutorial for applying it to everyday life and work.

Generously sprinkled with poetry, parables, penetrating questions and practical suggestions, The Wholehearted Journey equips us for a life of greater joy and authenticity. Perspectives on the themes of The Wholehearted Journey are enriched through the inclusion of quotations from over 400 writers, philosophers, teachers, poets, politicians, spiritual leaders and other sages.

Whether this book simply affirms and encourages you in your present journey or inspires you to head out in new and bold directions, you are sure to be delighted and inspired.

For years, many participants in Denise's seminars have reported that, beyond the valuable technical skills and knowledge that they have received, their perspectives on their own lives have shifted dramatically. Comments like "you have had just as big an impact on me personally as you have professionally" have been commonplace. (Just today, a participant in one of Denise's Job Development seminars spontaneously reported that he was leaving a "changed man" - going home with purpose to be a better father, husband, employee and human being.) With The Wholehearted Journey Denise has brought to the fore, those basic philosophical and spiritual underpinnings that have made her work so uniquely inspirational.

This is a book worthy of your time. Totally engaging, disarmingly honest and entirely delightful, The Wholehearted Journey is nevertheless an urgent call to each of us - to be mindful of our common humanity and to embrace, honour and celebrate this unique gift that is our life.

Career Counselors, Employment Specialists, Job Developers and related career professionals... The Wholehearted Journey will add new breadth and depth your professional work. Exploring the profound relationship between work and each individual's spiritual journey and/or sense of purpose, this book will take you beneath the pragmatic surface of your career responsibilities - and give insight into the much deeper impact that your work can and does have on the total life experience of the individuals that you daily counsel, guide and support.


The twenty chapters of The Wholehearted Journey include:

  1. I Dedicate This Day: Bringing the Sacred into the Everyday

  2. Unlived Dreams and Rising Bread: Shaping Fresh Hope from New Dreams

  3. Arriving: Embracing the Unknown

  4. Nurture Your Nature: Celebrating Your Gifts

  5. Rekindle the Flame: Restoring Purpose and Passion

  6. The Masquerade: Befriending Yourself and Others

  7. New Wings: Moving Through Fear

  8. Lessons from the Apple Tree: Accepting Change

  9. Meadowlarks: Renewing the Joy of Giving

  10. The Puppeteer: Pulling Your Own Strings

  11. The Beauty of Today: Seizing the Day

  12. The Journey to Belong: Employing Your Inner Compass

  13. On Second Thought: Harnessing Perspective

  14. At the Feet of the World: Becoming More Teachable

  15. A Heart Contained: Choosing Joy

  16. I want to Live in Color: Living Wholeheartedly

  17. Not One Alike: Valuing your Part in the Whole

  18. Rhythm: Cultivating Balance in Life and Work

  19. Veil of Wonder: Seeing through New Eyes

  20. A Pilgrim's Plea: Remaining True to the Soul


For those who long to put a new song in their step while traversing the unknown of each new day, in and outside the workplace, welcome to The Wholehearted Journey!


"The experience while reading this book is similar to being captivated by a speaker who has found a way to communicate with your soul...Her (Denise's) creativity spills onto the pages in a refreshing stream. I spent about five evenings reading this book and found it to be healing and inspirational. Each evening I climbed into bed and lost myself in the pages for hours at a time. You could also read one chapter a day for 20 days or only read one chapter a week. Once you start reading this book, it will be difficult not to want to keep reading all night long!" 
- The Rebecca (Rated #3 Top Reviewer at

"Denise's gift is her ability to help us get to the heart of our quest for the ever-elusive work that combines satisfaction and happiness with success. Her book is a gentle guide. Her humor, spirit, and poetry delight."
- M. M., CA

"What a wonderful treasure. Denise gives us wonderful reflections and insights on life and work. I am looking forward to spending many evenings reading The Wholehearted Journey and using the activities as a part of my daily journaling." 
- Lisa Hoekstra, Canada

"Wholehearted Journey is not just a's a changes one from just thinking and imagining to doing...insight out."
- Lynda Jean, CA