Beyond Traditional Job Development: The Art of Creating Opportunity

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Author: Denise Bissonnette
(256-page text with 1 hour audio CD of the author's overview and summary.) 

There is good reason that this book is affectionately referred to as the job developer's Bible. Whether they be seasoned workforce professionals or newly-hired placement staff, this book is a goldmine of insights and tools for all readers. More than just a 'how to' book, it is written in a spirit of respect and celebration for the job seeker, the job developer and the employer alike. 

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    Here are a few words taken from the preface: "Today the challenges and opportunities of the job developer are greater than ever, and the need for our services is felt more acutely than ever by those we serve. Never has there been a greater need for job developers to take an intelligent, business-minded, proactive and revolutionary approach to creating employment opportunities in our local communities". This book is as much for the rebel and the dreamer as it is for the goal-oriented pragmatist. Take what you like, add your own perspective, and continue shaping the work that you do as time and experience unfolds.

    The Eleven Chapters

    1. Rising to the Challenge
    2. Questioning convention: New Paradigms for Job Development
    3. Creating Jobs with Employment Proposals
    4. Capitalizing on Business and Social Trends
    5. Developing Partnerships with Employers
    6. Targeting New Employers
    7. Initiating Contact with Employers
    8. Understanding employer Needs
    9. Communicating with Employers: Language as Art
    10. Resolving employer Concerns
    11. Providing Quality Service to Employers

      In a career/profession where formal education and even in-service training opportunities are sadly rare, Beyond Traditional Job Development empowers readers with information and insights that enable them to approach their work with greater confidence and creativity.


      "This book rekindles initiative, stimulates creative thinking and redefines the role of job developer from reactive to proactive."

      "Denise has elevated our field from a 'job' to a 'profession'."

      "This book is a feast of fresh ideas! I shared some of them with a fellow job developer who now reports that everyone in his company thinks he has 'magic'. This revolutionary book gives us new ways to achieve our placement goals."