30 Ways to Shine as a New Employee: A Guide to Success in the Workplace

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Author: Denise Bissonnette. 
(Soft cover, Spiral-bound,130-page Workbook)

A fun and inspiring guidebook for new employees - focusing on the "soft" skills that enhance job performance and retention.  As a stand-alone guide for someone newly-entering the workforce, as a refreshing guide for reclaiming our own spirits at work, as a pre-employment primer, or as a template for on-the-job mentoring, 30 Ways to Shine is both engaging and illuminating.

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Each of the thirty skills in this book is accompanied by simple tasks that can be acted on right away - enhancing the likelihood of success on the job. As a tool for excelling in our jobs, this little book connects us to the true power and influence that we all wield in our workplaces. It encourages us to bring all that we are to our work lives. It gives strategic advice on how to manage conflict and change.

In the context of "livelihood" as a journey, it prompts us to use even the most menial jobs as opportunities for growth and development.

30 Ways to Shine was developed to be used by companies as part of an orientation program for new employees or as the basis for new-hire Mentoring programs. It is also being used effectively by placement agencies for pre-employment workshops and/or post-placement job stabilising services.

Skills Covered Include:

  1. Calming New Employee Jitters
  2. Dealing With Change
  3. Understanding Workplace Culture
  4. Meeting New People
  5. Satisfying Employer Expectations
  6. Learning To Relate In The Company Style
  7. Clarifying Performance Goals
  8. Paying Attention To Your Surroundings
  9. Learning From Mistakes
  10. Not Letting Worry Cramp Your Style
  11. Reflecting The Company Image
  12. Exceeding Employer Expectations
  13. Shining In The Eyes Of The Employer
  14. Being A Team Player
  15. Surviving Office Politics
  16. Choosing To Think Positive
  17. Facing Your Fear And Finding Courage
  18. Breaking Bad Habits Of The Mind
  19. Coping With Everyday Life
  20. Taking Small Steps To Change
  21. Controlling Your Anger
  22. Making Yourself Understood
  23. Benefiting From Praise And Criticism
  24. Developing The Ability To Really Listen
  25. Dealing With Difficult People
  26. Making A Difference
  27. Making Work Meaningful
  28. Living Each Day Gratefully
  29. Learning From A Mentor
  30. Balancing Life And Work